The era of 100-year life. As the social situation continues to change day by day, humanity is still pursuing evolution.

We live in an era where building a strong and healthy body and improving athletic performance are at the same time questioning the methodology.

As a nutritional supporter for athletes, gocln wanted to provide a sustainable protein that was safe, secure, and environmentally friendly.

The raw material, whey, is made only from raw milk from Norwegian pasture-raised cows that meet the world's highest standards of animal welfare.

In Norway, a Scandinavian country, traditional dairy farming methods that are close to the natural ecology of cows have been passed down. Unlike today's intensive, milk-collecting industry, traditional livestock farming was developed to make effective use of poor land that was originally unsuitable for agriculture, and was a sustainable way of working with nature. In addition, cows' natural vitality is strengthened in this harsh natural environment, allowing them to produce healthier raw milk.

Grass-fed whey made from this precious raw milk is produced using the world's best Scandinavian whey protein manufacturing technology, which is widely used in the baby milk and medical food fields.

This carefully selected grass-fed whey raw material, created by combining the blessings of tradition with the latest technology, is lovingly made into gocln GRASS-FED WHEY at an environmentally friendly partner factory. Ta.

gocln is always thinking about what will continue to happen every day.

Now is the time to live 100 years. what do you choose?

Contents: 1,000g

Best before date: 24 months after manufacture

raw materials

raw materials:

Whey protein (manufactured in Norway), organic cocoa powder/sweetener (stevia), (contains some milk ingredients)

The main ingredient, whey protein , comes from milk from happy grass-fed cows on traditional Norwegian dairy farms. Because milk is a perishable product, in Northern Europe, where it is truly rooted in the food culture, cheese is made in large quantities, including for preservation purposes. The byproduct is called whey, and through cutting-edge research over the past 30 years, it is now prized as containing essential nutrients. The uncoagulated protein contained therein is whey protein. It is characterized by its high content of essential amino acids, especially BCAA, and its rapid absorption into the body.

Cocoa is made from cocoa beans grown organically in Latin America, such as Dominica, and refined in the Netherlands, a major cocoa country, making it a rich, flavorful, organic quality product.

Nutritional ingredients

Nutritional information (per 30g serving):

Energy 115kcal, protein 21.3g, fat 1.8g, carbohydrate 3.4g, salt equivalent 0.1g