Did you know that the largest known living thing in the world is a mushroom?

Mushrooms consist of two parts: the part that is exposed above the ground that is generally recognized as the mushroom itself (fruiting body: the typical shape is one with an umbrella), and the part that is invisible from the surface and corresponds to the roots of the plant (mycelium). It mainly consists of parasitic organisms (existing inside the trees and underground). All of the mycelium parts are connected, and it seems to be confirmed to be enormous in size.

This mushroom (also known as honey mushroom) found in the ancient forests of Oregon, USA, has mycelium spread over an area of ​​8.8 square kilometers (roughly 3km x 3km square). This is a fact that makes you feel the tremendous hidden vitality of mushrooms.

When I often walk in the mountains, I see fallen trees over the past few years due to typhoons and heavy rain. Mushrooms (mainly C. versicolor) often infest trees that are gradually reaching the end of their lifespan, but mushrooms like C. versicolor also occur in large numbers on trees whose vitality has suddenly weakened due to natural phenomena. Although the tree has weakened its vital activity, it still retains many elements that can serve as a source of nutrition for other living things, and the fact that the mushrooms that were parasitic on the tree are rapidly reproducing can be said to be an indication of the strength of the mushroom's vitality. Sho.

Come to think of it, when I entered a mountain road that was previously closed due to a partial collapse of the route without noticing that it was autumn season, I saw too many mushrooms (including mysterious and bright-looking ones). I remember being surprised when I saw it.

It seems that it is quite difficult to determine the type of mushroom, and unfortunately, every year we see news reports of people becoming addicted to poisonous mushrooms. The local mushrooms that are sold on the spot in the mountains during the fall season have a strong aroma, and I am especially attracted to their wild texture (they make a cracking sound when you bite into them), making the annual mushroom eating camp a staple of my autumn season. is.

There are a wide variety of attractive mushrooms, and there are many different types of mushrooms around the world due to differences in edibility and availability, whether or not they are cultivated, the type of tree they are parasitic on, and the climate to which the fungus is adapted. Due to its hidden power, it is sought after by those in power as the secret to eternal youth and longevity, and was talked about along with high-altitude training by the Chinese marathon team and horse corps more than a decade ago.It has a long history and track record as a superfood that brings power. is.

At Fuji Organics, we have selected carefully selected varieties of mushrooms that have been passed down through history and have the power of nature hidden within them as raw materials. We deliver reliable Japanese quality products in a more convenient and easy-to-consume format.

*By the way, mushrooms are called mushrooms in English. Generally speaking, katakana mushrooms often refer to agaric mushrooms, but at Fuji Organics we intend to use the word mushroom to cover a broader range of mushrooms.