gocln caters to corporate customers as well as
sports teams, clubs, etc.
We also accept orders for customers who wish to purchase in bulk.


Recommended for the following people

  • Those who run a training gym or trainer business
  • For those who want to purchase in bulk for groups such as sports teams, club activities, circles, etc.
  • Those who are considering selling to customers at clinics etc.
  • Those who are considering selling in stores or online shops
  • Those who are engaged in export business overseas (international resale)


CrossFit Roppongi

The training gym "CrossFit Roppongi" in Roppongi has a full lineup of gocln proteins. We provide products as a supporting company.

Photo of the training gym "CrossFit Roppongi" in Roppongi


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  • All inquiries will be answered via email. Please contact us using the inquiry form (we do not accept phone calls)
  • Payment can only be made by credit card (VISA/Mastercard/American express/JCB) or Amazon Pay.
  • We accept orders for each case (we do not accept individual sales). The amount of content per case varies depending on the product, so please contact us for details.
  • If you need to issue or download a receipt (PDF), please fill it out when ordering or contact us separately via email.