The future body is
Made with today's nutrition.
Supplements that take your health seriously.

The era of 100-year life.
Being healthy is an irreplaceable asset.
I'm sure everyone has felt that a healthy body is the most important thing.

Since its founding, Go Clean has been based on the concept of "wellness = living a better life."
We have developed and sold supplements that allow you to safely ingest the nutrients your body needs.

Clean mind, clean body. And clean supplements.
This is the idea behind the name "GoCLN".

We are committed to using safe ingredients and thoroughly remove unnecessary additives.
We make products using only ingredients that can be safely consumed by everyone, from babies to the elderly.

For a healthy body even when you are 100 years old.
And to ensure that the earth we live on remains healthy for a long time.
Go Clean is a natural health food brand that thoroughly considers the future of our bodies and the earth.

6 features

No genetically modified foods

All products are free of antibiotics, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified foods, and artificial growth hormones.

Safe and secure domestic manufacturing

In order to consistently deliver safe, high-quality products to our customers, all of our products are produced at our domestic partner factories.

Anti-doping mechanism confirmed

The Anti-Doping Agency has analyzed and confirmed that all ingredients are not prohibited substances.

organic and natural ingredients

We focus on natural ingredients and do not add anything extra. We determine the raw materials to be used by tracing the origin of the raw materials.

Made with sustainable ingredients

We use carefully selected sustainable ingredients with consideration to the future global environment, such as DHA derived from seaweed and ferritin iron derived from soybeans.

animal welfare

For animal-derived ingredients such as whey, we contract with farms that raise livestock in comfortable conditions in accordance with the spirit of animal welfare.

our thoughts

Something that is kind to you, your family, and the earth.
I want to convey the mindset of valuing your body.

The origin of Go Clean was the founder's grandmother.
My grandmother lived to be 113 years old and lived a healthy and active life even in her later years.

I want everyone, including myself and my family, to live long and healthy lives as we age.

That's how Go Clean was born,
Above all, we are particular about ``things that are good for your body.''

If the supplements you take for your health contain additives or synthetic substances, you are putting the cart before the horse.
We want our children and grandparents to drink this too, so we carefully select ingredients that are safe for babies to consume.