Fuji Organics product design/raw material selection

Fuji Organics introduces mainly natural products to the market and proposes a lifestyle that incorporates them into your diet.

I feel that awareness and spread of organic products is surprisingly increasing, especially in Europe and America, but also in emerging countries in Asia. From a consumer's point of view, the reason why people choose this option even if it is relatively expensive is not only for the safety of themselves and their families, but also for the investment to increase options for the next generation and encourage widespread use, considering the environmental impact. We cannot overlook the aspect that we perceive as such.

In addition, while technologies and methodologies such as not using pesticides are important, we are also being asked how we should live our lives as members of a society that is closer to nature and aims for a sustainable society. I've also heard of this idea.

On the other hand, aiming for the advancement of all kinds of technology is an important aspect of human society, and we live our lives enjoying many conveniences due to these advances. The important thing is what to choose, how to choose it, and how to achieve a sense of satisfaction while maintaining a balance. And of course, it is also important to live a high-quality life based on science.

For example, about taking vitamins. It is best to eat vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients. The nutrients in these vegetables are primarily absorbed from the soil in which they grow, so it is necessary to cultivate the soil's natural strength over a long period of time. For this reason, organic farming methods will be required.

On the other hand, known vitamins are also substances whose structures have been chemically elucidated, and which are industrially manufactured and are now available in larger quantities. As society changes, it is now possible to ingest it into the body more efficiently both quantitatively and methodologically than the traditional way. If that is the case, one way to think about it is to find out what kind of company, what kind of environment, and what kind of thinking, technology, and quality the vitamins were manufactured with, then select them, and use them wisely.

At Fuji Organics, we strive to provide products that incorporate these various perspectives in a well-balanced manner.