It's mushroom season.

I've had shiitake mushroom logs at home since last year, but unfortunately I haven't been able to harvest them yet. The white mycelium is starting to show on the surface, so I think it will take a little more effort, but I don't think it will be possible this fall/winter. . . I'm looking forward to spring.

Another staff member bought a fungus bed cultivation kit and was able to harvest the seeds quickly. I'm a little disappointed.

By the way, I often go into the mountains on my days off if I have time, but the other day I came across a rare Yamabushitake mushroom. (I think so. I didn't pick any mushrooms because I'm not a professional.)

Is the shape more like a hedgehog than a tassel on a mountain priest's chest? Echidna? Or it feels like a scrubbing brush.

It's delicious when you put it in a hot pot.

If anyone sees this often, please let me know.

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