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GoCLN natural complete food was released in late June.

``Complete diets'', which originated overseas, are now on the rise in Japan. The thing I'm most curious about is that if you eat a "complete" diet, can you get all your nutrients and stay healthy? I think that's the point.

This has already been discussed quite a bit on the internet, and it seems to be both "yes" and "no."

If you think about it in terms of time, if it's a short-term intensive replacement, then yes, I think you can spend your time just doing this. On the other hand, if you are asking whether you can eat only this for the rest of your life, for example, for a year, the answer should be "no".

Looking at the issues in Japan in particular, there seems to be a tendency for people who have major issues that require them to concentrate and spend time to do so, to be reluctant to devote time to meals, and to want to eat something simple and nutritious in a short amount of time. is.

Another point to consider is that since "complete food" itself is a new genre, it is important that the people who recognize and consume it have a certain level of knowledge about trends, health, and nutrition. .

Also, although it seems contradictory to this, there seems to be a trend where people who have little interest in food don't want to think about nutritional balance all the time, so it would be better if the food was nutritionally balanced. . This seems to be similar to the first group of issues in terms of rationality.

Furthermore, some people recognize not only the nutrients contained in food ingredients, but also the importance of chewing in the act of eating. From this point of view, complete foods in the form of regular meals have been introduced to the market, and we can see movement toward a solution. However, there are times when I feel like I'll get tired of it.

Looking at it from a different perspective, for example, it is unlikely that a person's physical condition will remain constant throughout the four seasons of the year. Although we are losing the importance of seasonal vegetables in modern life, it is important to correct the environment and physical condition affected by it through proper eating habits. In such situations, it may not be comforting to just consume a certain amount of food within a limited range.

From this point of view, it is very important to incorporate not just one but a variety of natural materials that have sufficient latent power. High-quality naturally derived ingredients contain a variety of unique micronutrients in addition to the five typical macronutrients, and it is thought that there are many of these that have not been elucidated or discovered scientifically.

GoCLN Natural Complete Food was developed with the aim of living a healthy life by utilizing the power of these naturally derived ingredients while following the style of ``complete food.''

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